The Agile Workshop Tour
An Arexo event

 Do you want to know more about Agile, Lean, and what it can bring to your organisation? 
Do you want to improve your practices? 
Arexo provides you, your teams and your management, a free workshop on Agile & Lean topics. 
No need to move, we'll come to your premises and address your questions.

Arexo comes to meet you and your realities, because we want to share with you the experience that we acquired for more than 15 years.

We propose several free workshops.
Choose one.

What can Agile, Lean, SAFe, LeSS, Kanban bring to my organisation ?

Let's investigate the most famous Agile framworks and what each of them can bring to you. 

How Agile are we today ?

Let's make a diagnosis together in a funny but useful way. 

M30 - Delegation and responsibility board

A tool to help you in your decision process, inherited from Management 3.0. Empower your teams with a clarified delegation process.

M30 - Change management

If you want to :
Dance with your System 
Mind your People 
Stimulate your Network
Change your Environment
This is for you

Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban ? How to choose ?

Amongst the most famous Agile frameworks. What are their common points and their differences. Wich one best fits with the challenges of your teams and their needs ?

System mapping

Continuous improvement needs you to be aware of your environment.
This LeSS tool can help you understand what are the variables of your environment, what are their interactions and how you could improve your products and your team work.

Pimp your meetings with sketch noting

Why only use slideshows during your speech or your meetings ?
The sketnoting can make your event become more visual, more interactive and perhaps less boring. 

The art of stand-ups

Your stand-ups are boring? Not bringing value anymore? Not being attended anymore? Let's discuss how to make them worthy again.               

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