AREXO accepted the Acerta Brussels Ekiden challenge


Saturday October 18th 2014 took place one of the sporting events followed by thousands of marathon fans, the Acerta Brussels Ekiden.

Ekiden comes from the Japanese word «long distance relay.» It is in this context of long-distance relay that Acerta Brussels Ekiden decided to set up a run by team of six riders that need to cross, together, the 42.195 km of a lonely marathon.

The spirit of this long distance relay is to unite and engage the six riders in the same state of mind that is sharing, joy and a strong group cohesion. At Arexo, this state of mind is essential and considered as one of the firm’s values, we eagerly accepted to be present at this historic event. And guess what: we made it together!

As a result we feel more united and stronger, especially collectively. Speak and act together fits perfectly with Arexo’s philosophy.

Acerta Brussels Ekiden was a real success. We will also be present at the next edition in 2015.

See you next year!

The Arexo Running Team

Renaud, Jordane, Emeric, Nicolas (Captain), Lang & Olivier