Arexo is growing Meet our new colleagues

Year after year, Arexo grows at a steady rate. As human capital is what sets Arexo apart, we thought it would be nice for you to meet our new colleagues, David and Thomas.

David, Scrum Master at Arexo

David graduated in 2009 from HEPL, Liège with a Bachelor's Degree in IT. Afterwards, he quickly landed a job at SMALS, as a Java developer where he acquired technical expertise. He then moved to a Scrum Master role in 2014.

This is as a qualified Scrum Master that David joined Arexo mid-October this year.

The collaborative mindset and the many opportunities for personal growth and learning were among the reasons that decided David to join the company. He expects to improve his Agile and team management skills, helped by his new colleagues.

David will bring his soft skills and his experience as a team facilitator to our clients' teams where he wants to be a positive change actor.

Thomas, Scrum Master at Arexo

After obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Business Computing from HELHa Mons, Thomas decided to start his career as his own boss and created a web agency with two friends in 2010. During this entrepreneurial venture, he had his first contacts with clients and got into the basics of offer handling and the likes.

A year later, Thomas decided to join Tipik where he got the opportunity to manage projects and get in touch with UX design.

In 2014, he hopped on in the early stages of a new project called SoPRISM where he worked as a Lead Developer, making experience in team management as well as various front-end technologies.

Thomas joined Arexo mid-October as a Scrum Master. The opportunities for learning, sharing experiences and personal growth seduced him, as well as the human-sized organisation.

He will bring his skills to our clients' where he will promote his vision half-way between development and people-centered management to help them grow.