AWT User Stories An Agile Workshop by Arexo

This 24th September 2019, a dozen participants gathered at the Arexo offices of Liège to learn more about business needs collection in an Agile setup, i.e. “how to write and effectively take advantage of the user stories?”.

After a first contact around a cup of coffee and some croissants, the “Basic session” started. The objective of this first part of the day was to enable our audience to get acquainted with the concepts of business needs collection and how it happens in Agile projects.

The presenters explained the main principles guiding the user story writing process and the participants also got the opportunity to write a few user stories themselves and share them with the others.

A nice lunch offered a chance to discuss the benefits of the user stories in the daily life of everyone and more specific questions started to arise.

Those were answered as best as possible during the afternoon when the more delicate arts of user story splitting, refinement and planning were discussed. It was also a very vivid reminder that not everyone is equal in front of a user story and that there is not one perfect method to use in all situations.

The day ended around a glass of beer and ever more interesting discussions.

Arexo would like to thank all the participants for their participation and enthusiasm all day long and looks forward to seeing them at a next AWT session.

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