AWT Visual Management An Agile Workshop by Arexo

Despite a few cancellations amid the COVID-19 outbreak, our Agile Workshop dedicated to Visual Management took place last Friday at our Liege offices.

Sure, we did not shake hands as we use to. Granted, we toured the office and proudly displayed our new T-Rex posters (then again, we always wash our hands) but the good spirit was definitely present.

After a few real-life examples of Visual Management (Oh, yes. It is everywhere.), we discussed its benefits and principles so everyone gets a shared understanding.

Of course, we took the opportunity to use some LEGO’s to demonstrate its usefulness.

Visual Management boards are an important element in the work place. We therefore covered the guidelines and best practices that one should keep in mind when building one’s VM board to make sure it effectively answers the needs.

A paper plane crafting workshop was then set up to help the participants gather around a specific situation and decide what visual metrics would help them improve their process.

After discovering how widely-used methods take advantage of Visual Management, open discussions about their own usage of visual management in their specific field ensued before we called it a day and shared a drink.

If you are interested in our Agile trainings or workshop, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Our next “in house” AWT session will take place in June. Topic still to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe.