Tasnyme & Okan Our Arrival at Arexo - Episode 1

Tasnyme: Hello, I am Tasnyme, 22 year old.
Okan: Hello, I am Okan, 23. We are interns at Arexo since last September in the context of our Master in Sales Management.

T: We recently obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Trade and decided to follow-up with the brand-new Master’s that started this year at HEC Liège.

O: In order to get to know each others and share our first experiences in the professional world with you, we invite you to follow our two-year internship at Arexo through a series of blog posts.

Tell us more about you.

T: I like cinema, going out and travels. I have always been attracted to the business world and the many challenges it offers. Speaking of challenges, I arrived in Belgium at 15 and had to learn to adapt quite quickly to my new way of life.

O I have Turkish roots and love sports such as football, tennis, jogging, etc. I also have a “geek side” in that I love video games. Obviously, I also am interested in business things.

Why did you choose this Master’s?

This programme enables us to get the best of both worlds: we acquire professional experience three days a week while the two remaining days are dedicated to our academic training at University.

This Master’s seemed a logical follow-up to our initial education.

Moreover, those two years of experience will be easily valued next to our Master’s Degree from a renowned Belgian business school.

Why did you choose Arexo for your internship?

Arexo offered an internship to students of our school and this is how we got in touch with the company. After a bit of research, we found out that the values of collaboration and humanity that Arexo promotes, suited us. As we also had an interest in the IT world, it did not take much more to take our chance and land an interview for the job.

What is your day-to-day job at Arexo?

We are the first members of the commercial team at Arexo, which means we perform most commercial tasks of the company such as: setting up a sales process, finding new custom development projects, new prospects, etc.

We also take part in various networking events and meet (future) clients.

How did you experience your first days?

We were rather quickly onboarded when we arrived: we were involved in a networking event during which we had to pitch the company in front of other persons. It was rather a quick start!

Afterwards, we started getting acquainted with our other tasks.

How was your onboarding within the team?

Our colleagues did welcome us warmly from day one. We then slowly blended in through regular contacts and chats.

They helped us out by proactively reaching out and asking how we felt, helping us with the many aspects of the life at the firm and getting to know us generally.

We quickly connected with the other members of the team and feel very good at Arexo.

Follow our tracks at Arexo in our next blog posts!