Tasnyme & Okan Episode 2

Here we are, almost half-way through our two-year internship. This experience proves very enriching at every level, be it at school or at work. We have been fully integrated in a company that is growing and moving forward. We are actors in this growth process and we feel that our work brings real added-value.

In this second episode, we will tell you more about our professional path at Arexo.

How is a typical week at Arexo? We always start the week with a meeting with our tutor so we can discuss what has been done the previous week. We then define the objectives of the coming week, their priority and we start working.

Most of the time, we work in pair. We regularly receive feedback from our tutor regarding our work. This helps us keep on the right track.

What have been your tasks since the beginning of your internship? As we explained in the previous episode, we mainly focus on sales tasks. They are very varied, which enables us to improve our skills and broaden our training. We have worked, among others, on the set up of a new prospection strategy, reply to calls for tenders and follow-up with prospects and clients.

What have you set up to help you in your daily job? In order to better follow-up our task list, we decided to introduce Agile4Sales, which is a business-oriented application of the Agile principles to the sales process. We can therefore focus only on the tasks that we have identified as high priority for the days to come and we reassess this priority on a weekly basis. This has a positive effect on our ability to deliver on time.

What are your main successes ? From our stand point, every completed task is a success.

On the commercial point of view, we managed to land new projects for the company through calls for tenders. We also met new prospects and created new commercial relations and increased the visibility of the company.

Since the beginning of the year, the objective is to get good results in June and we start to see the results of our work. We are very proud of this as we are here to bring value to Arexo.

What difficulties did you meet? We did not meet real difficulties that slowed us down in our progress. However, we did need to absorb the company culture and get to know the IT world, which was unknown to us before we started this journey.

Since we are at work three days a week and at school the remaining days, we need to be able to manage our time very well to make sure we can finish our tasks in the allotted time.

Another challenge we face is the changing environment that makes it complicated for us to switch from one to the other and efficiently separate work and school.

What are the advantages of working at Arexo as an intern? As interns, we are lucky to be continuously supported by our tutor. He helps us in our tasks when we struggle. He also listens to what we say and gives us responsibilities to help us grow and reach complete autonomy.

The work environment and the contacts with our colleagues are also very friendly.

Before we started Agile4Sales, we also had the opportunity to attend a workshop to learn the Agile principles by building a paper website. This is something we had never heard of before and was very interesting.

Did Arexo meet your expectations? At this stage, we are more than happy. When we applied to Arexo we wanted to live an enriching professional experience, work on challenging tasks and receive appreciation for what we do.

Mission accomplished !

Our next episode will focus on our salesperson’s life during lock down. Stay tuned !

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