How to finance your digitalisation project in 2023 ?

arexo and next-steps, a boon for your digitalisation projects

A digitisation project in mind?

Do you have a digitalisation project in mind ? Is it already well underway ? Are you looking for help in financing it ? Then we can certainly help you ! 

Next-Steps, the perfect help for your digital projects

Let us introduce you to Next-Steps with whom we collaborate on some projects.

Arexo allows your digitalisation projects to be recognized and supported by Next-Steps, a company that finds financing solutions for business projects. This relationship is reciprocal, which means that Next-Steps can also refer its clients to Arexo for their digitalisation project.

In other words, the two companies work together to offer a complete service to clients who are looking to digitise their project or even their business processes.

Talking about financing…

It articulates its activity around four financing tools which can be :

  • Public
  • Private

And in the public sector :

  • Federal
  • Regional (or even European) : Wallonia and Brussels Region (or even Flanders)

The four families of tools :

  • Grants : for new projects to be financed (also R&D) or in connection with social charges ‘to reduce the impact on your own funds’)
  • Loan : to strengthen your cash flow or investment projects
  • Shareholding : for potential business angels or public investors
  • Guarantees : to serve as guarantees for your project for banking actors


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