Agile & Lean Guidance

Agile, Lean, SAFe, Scrum or Kanban ?

There are many methods to manage IT projects. These methods are primarily based on fundamental principles and values.

These project management methods include:

  • Agile, from the IT world, which gave birth to several frameworks such as the Scrum, SAFe or Spotify.
  • Lean, from manufacturing, from which the Kanban is derived.

These IT project management methods have proven their worth and are increasingly used today.

Choosing the right method is one thing, implementing it is another. Arexo accompanies you in this transition.

Why and how to use these methods?

These new methods bring many advantages: 

  • Ensure that the developments made actually meet the needs,
  • Optimize the collaboration within the teams,
  • Improve internal communication, but also towards managers and customers,
  • Delivering functional solutions, or parts of solutions, more quickly.

The advantages of these methods are numerous. However, to take advantage of them, it is essential to apply them in an optimal way.

What Arexo can do for you.

Arexo has over 15 years of experience as developers, Agile & Lean trainers and consultants in various companies. Arexo is based on the founding principles and values of Agile and Lean to help you reap the benefits.

This background allows us to provide a complete and integrated solution to accompany you in your transition:

  • Audit: a complete diagnosis of your current operation, which ends with concrete recommendations.
  • Training: with presentations, coaching or workshops, from the basics to the optimization, we adapt to your company, your teams and your maturity.
  • Consultancy: from medium to long term missions, our experts integrate your teams to accelerate your transformation and guide your teams on a daily basis.

A la carte services adapted to your company to accompany you in your transition to Agile and Lean while respecting the principles and values.

How can we help you?

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