Asset Management with Atlassian Jira Service Management

“Say goodbye to the headaches of asset management and welcome a new era of efficiency, savings, and unmatched control”

Are you overwhelmed by managing your assets? Do you struggle to regain control of your company’s assets (IT hardware, office furniture, movable assets, buildings, contracts of all kinds, and many more)? Are you finding it challenging to track their lifecycles and maintain visibility of your infrastructure or your movable and real estate assets and their critical components? If these challenges sound familiar, it’s time to discover our solution that will transform your asset management experience.

Our offering is THE digital solution you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how our solution can transform your asset management :

Effortless Asset Tracking

Say goodbye to the frustration of not knowing who is responsible for each asset and where it is located. Our solution allows you to seamlessly track assets and their associations (with individuals, locations, or each other).

Regain Control

Take back control of your asset management processes. No more lost assets, no more confusion about their whereabouts, and certainly no more unnecessary expenses.

Understand Asset Lifecycles

Gain valuable insights into the lifecycles of your assets. Understand when they were acquired, their expected lifespan, and when they might require maintenance or replacement.

Cost Reduction

Identify cost-saving opportunities. Optimize asset utilization, eliminate redundancies, and make informed decisions to reduce your overall expenses.

Gain Visibility

Visualize the real-time status of your asset portfolio. You’ll always know what supports your essential applications and services, ensuring maximum availability.

Imagine a world where asset management is no longer a source of stress but a well-oiled machine that saves you time and money. Picture yourself making confident decisions with accurate, up-to-date data while enjoying complete visibility of your assets.

Here’s how Arexo can assist you with your Asset Management :

Powered by Atlassian Jira Service Management

Our solution is built on the robust foundation of Atlassian Jira Service Management. Benefit from the reliability and scalability of an industry-trusted leader.

Backed by Arexo’s Proven Expertise

Rest assured! Our solution is tailor-made for you by our Atlassian experts. Arexo has a track record of success in developing similar solutions.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say about our work:

Arexo has transformed the way we manage our assets. The solution provided is intuitive, powerful, and has saved us time and money.

Pierre D
IT Director, Manager for 6 teams in the IT department

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Don’t let chaos and confusion hold you back anymore. Regain control, understand your asset lifecycles, reduce costs, gain visibility, and track your assets effortlessly. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have discovered the advantage of our solution.

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