Custom development

In our world where digital transformation becomes ever more critical for many companies, it is time to seize the opportunity for your own business: transform your IT investment in a vector of development for your company!

Arexo creates, maintains and updates bespoke software that best answer your needs.

Our solutions are designed to be hassle-free, which means we place the focus on their user-friendliness and their reliability.

Do you want a web or mobile application, a management software or another type of IT solution? We will create the ideal solution for you!

Giving birth to applications that put a smile on our customers’ face, we just love it!

What are the advantages of tailor-made software?

Every software is designed specifically for your company and your business.
We listen to your users in order to provide the optimal solution that fits your needs, your way of working and your constraints.

Our software enable you to increase your efficiency: they facilitate the automation of your tasks and the optimisation of your processes, which allows you to focus your efforts on what really matters for your business.

Maintaining your software is also part of our job. We support you through the whole product lifecycle.
As we created your solution, we are the best suited to evolve it over time.

Tailored software are a profitable investment in the long term compared to out-of-the-box software.
No need for expensive subscription fees or update costs to adapt to your needs.

Our software efficiently integrate with your existing ecosystem. They work harmoniously with your other IT applications to bring added-value to the whole.

What are the advantages to work with Arexo?

A collaborative approach

Working with Arexo is choosing a collaborative approach, based on more than 15 years of experience in Agile principles, that enables us to fully adapt to your business. We use tried and tested techniques to involve you along the way and take your feedback into account from start to finish. This results in a solution designed for you that will evolve with your company for years to come.

A global partner

A software development project is more than just development. Arexo is on your side from A to Z, from the analysis phase to the maintenance of the software after its release. We are a global partner that can take care of the hosting and long-term maintenance of your solutions.

Working with Arexo is choosing a long-established partner that will help your investment live for years.

Stress-free softwares that increase adoption

The solutions that we build aim at being used in the long term in order to make your investment profitable.

Our collaborative and inclusive approach is based on an active involvement of the end-users throughout the project lifecycle, from the very start. This involvement is a key element in the adoption of the software and its usage in the long-term.

In other words, a properly-made software is an adopted software. And that is our promise to you.

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