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Agile is an approach to software development that emphasises collaboration, flexibility and adaptability to change. Agile emerged in response to the limitations of traditional software development methods, such as the waterfall model, which were rigid and did not allow for easy adaptation to change. Agile focuses on the rapid and continuous delivery of functional software in small batches, using short iterations and regular feedback to adapt to the changing needs of users and stakeholders. Key principles of Agile include close communication and collaboration between team members, regular and continuous delivery of functional software, adaptation to changing priorities and needs, and the pursuit of technical excellence. The most common Agile methodologies include Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming (XP).

Atlassian is an Australian software company that provides collaboration, software development and project management tools for teams and organisations. Atlassian’s best-known products include Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello and Bamboo, which are widely used for project management, ticket management, collaborative documentation, source code management and application performance monitoring. Atlassian products are designed to help teams work more efficiently and seamlessly, improving communication, collaboration and productivity.

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