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Arexo : Kick-Off 2020

Arexo starts every year with a two-day event that aims at reviewing the progress made during the last 12 months, discussing and organising the coming years from the perspective of the company and sharing a great time with all our colleagues.

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Arexo at : Agile Tour Lille 2019

A successful talk at the latest Journée Agile in Liège last June encouraged Etienne, our Agile coach, to experience the thrill of the return on experience again.

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Osez l'Agilité : Journée Agile 2019

Etienne, our Agile Coach, currently works as a Programme Manager at I-City, the organisation responsible for the IT projects of the city of Brussels, since last November. Since then, he had the opportunity to introduce Agile methodologies that produce great results. He shared his experience at the latest Journée Agile in Liège.

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Distributed Agile – Lessons learned scaling Agile to distributed, offshore teams

Stephane Rondal

As we’re helping our clients to achieve more with their offshore teams in an Agile context, I found it interesting to share a presentation I gave on the subject at several Agile conferences (WaJug, Journée Agile, Agile Tour Brussels, …). The presentation dates back from 2011, but most of its content is still relevant today. Feedback welcome…

Stephane Rondal, Founder, Managing Partner

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Writing integration tests with Spring Boot and Cassandra in 2 minutes

Recently, a client asked us to develop a mobile application served by a REST backend with a lot of data to be stored. To make a long story short, we ended up using Cassandra to answer those requirements. Following an Agile approach to development, we also used TDD, Test-Driven Development.

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Arexo Family Day, 2016

Last October took place our Family Day, where Arexo employees, spouses and children meet for a fun and relaxing moment. This year we visited the Pairi Daiza Park, and luckily had good weather, which helped make for a great day.

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Arexo Goes Gobi, or the Power of Collaboration

It all started from a collaborative development workshop. The kind of workshop we hold regularly at Arexo, where, amongst other things, company objectives are exposed, as well as the challenges to reach them, involving the team members to find solutions.

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Experience Learning Canvas

Like most companies, we would like to increase our visibility quotient, having more people knowing who we are and what we do. This is actually one of the company objectives for 2016.

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