• When Scrum meets Low-Code

    Scrum is a framework for implementing Agile project management. For several years, it has been strongly used and has become an indispensable tool for certain types of projects.

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  • Is Kubernetes worth the effort ?

    By unveiling “Project Pacific”, VMWare acknowledged that Kubernetes will be a foundation of vSphere, its virtualization offer.

    This event marks the beginning of a new era: Kubernetes is now a de-facto standard in the IT platforms to run containers workloads in production, and is considered equals as virtual machines.

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  • Putting the “Why” back at the center of Agile practices

    In recent years, Scrum has become THE reference framework for software development and is even exported to many other fields. There are now millions of us certified by one organization or another, the number of attendees at “Agile Day” events is growing, and the amount of resources available such as guides, how-to’s and best practices, is simply enormous.

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  • 5 reasons to choose tailor-made development for you next IT solution

    While presenting Arexo and more specifically our tailor-made software development service, we are often asked to explain the benefits of custom development compared to off-the-shelf solutions. This article is an attempt to highlight those benefits.

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  • The Appreciative Retrospective

    Tired of always focusing on negative elements to improve? What if you could focus on what goes well every now and then? Why not identify why things go well and what will keep on going well in the next few months?

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  • La rétrospective appréciative

    Vous en avez assez de toujours vous concentrer sur les éléments négatifs à améliorer ? Et si vous pouviez vous concentrer sur ce qui va bien de temps en temps ? Pourquoi ne pas identifier les choses qui iront bien et qui continueront à aller bien dans les prochains mois ?

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  • Writing integration tests with Spring Boot and Cassandra in 2 minutes

    Recently, a client asked us to develop a mobile application served by a REST backend with a lot of data to be stored. To make a long story short, we ended up using Cassandra to answer those requirements. Following an Agile approach to development, we also used TDD, Test-Driven Development.

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